Verification, Calibration and Repair:

Relay Zholdas provide in-house and on-site calibration and repair services for a wide range of equipment.  

Our qualified metrology engineers have the experience, training and equipment necessary to test and verify the accuracy of process control instrumentation.

All equipment is calibrated and certified. Where possible, this process is done in line, without the need to remove the equipment, thereby minimising downtime to the normal process operation.  

Our services include testing devices for pressure, temperature, levelling, electrical, laser, radar and float levels, positioners, vibration sensors and all types of gas and fire detection devices.

Our facilities include a fully fitted laboratory in our Karabatan base, and five mobile laboratories which can be easily deployed to client locations.  

All verification and preventative maintenance services include complete control loop testing.


  • Extensive modern laboratories located at Karabatan
  • Fully equipped mobile laboratories which can be deployed at short notice, reducing downtime and increasing availability at site
  • Verification and calibration of a wide range of instruments installed on projects within the region; often in excess of 90% of those in use on local oil and gas facilities
  • Large number of qualified Verification Officers and technical staff


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